Experimental, Educational & Research Center ELPEN
Vision, Mission, Values, History

Vision, Mission, Values, History


To foster biomedical science and thus build a better future.


At the Experimental, Educational and Research Center ELPEN we promote biomedical science by implementing research and educational programs of high standards.


  • Evolution: cutting edge technology and innovation
  • Caring for humans
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Reliability
  • Excellence: quality, reproducibility
  • Innovation based on scientific evidence
  • 3Rs


EERCE was created in 1996 realizing the vision of the founder of ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co.Inc., Mr. Dimitris Pentafragkas to provide Greek scientists with a hub for biomedical research. Ever since, we have evolved to be the largest privately owned center for biomedical research and education in Greece. We support in vivo translational research by offering scientific guidance, technical support and scholarships, in collaboration with academic institutions. As an accredited NASCE/UEMS skills center, in collaboration with scientific organizations we offer educational programs on biomedical sciences, which include both theoretical and practical training using simulators or live tissue,. We employ specialized personnel and invest in our continuing education and state-of-the-art equipment. Our goal is to evolve every day, remaining in compliance with the legal framework, the international guidelines and the latest scientific developments in the field, and maintaining high quality and ethics as we adhere to the principles of replacement, reduction and refinement with regard to animal research. We aspire to become a hub for biomedical research and education not only for scientists within Greece but also from around the world.


The Experimental, Educational and Research Center ELPEN was established in 1996 from the Pharmaceutical Company ELPEN Co.Inc. (hereafter referred to also as “Company”) and is situated at Pikermi, Attica, 95 Marathonos Av. P.C. 19009, Greece, with V.A.T. No. 094025043 at D.O.Y. F.A.E. Athens.

Ever the avid proponent of research, ELPENs Chairman Dimitrios Pentafragas had been assisting with conducting and completing research theses since the 1970s – so much as becoming personally involved in projects. In the 1980s once again he facilitated pilot-educational experiments on the use of endoscopic instruments in laparoscopic surgery. This marked the beginning of endoscopic surgery in Greece.

An entirely Greek-owned company, ELPEN ranks among the 10 largest industrial companies in Greece. In 1996, in order to give back to the medical and pharmaceutical communities, as well as the Greek people, ELPEN began to consistently invest in Research & Development. Today the overwhelming majority of the Hellenic, scientific community recognizes the invaluable contribution of ELPEN to research and training. The core of this contribution remains a primary goal of the Company.

We add value & Set Healthy Standards

Our strong drive to excel in research and development as well as make a significant contribution to the education and smooth integration of young scientists led us to create the only privately owned educational and experimental center in Greece. ELPEN’s Experimental, Educational & Research Center (EERCE) is the most recognized privately owned center for education and translational research in the Balkans, and the only one in Greece to obtain the UEMS/NASCE certification.

Since 1996, ELPEN offers the facilities and specialized personnel of EERCE in order for Greek scientists to continue their research activity. In addition, a number of research protocols are proposed and implemented by members of ELPEN research teams.